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Auntie Beeb wants you!

Are you the best knitter in the UK? Course you are. If you’re ready to prove it, check out the BBC’s National Village Show — they’re looking for competitors to defend their traditional accomplishments (biggest marrow! knottiest cable?) against all comers in a fight to the death. Well, maybe not to the death, but rather to the cash, in the true spirit of reality TV. Give it a go if you’re hard enough.
knit garden.jpg
Of course, that juxtaposition of knitting and gardening reminded me of the Knitted Garden project. I’ll be terribly disappointed if the BBC don’t feature a few woolly wisteria.
Personally I find all that cleverness a little overwhelming. I prefer my knitting a little more relaxing. You know, just <a target=_blank title="not for the fainthearted" hanging out… Eeek! No, not like that!