Pull up a chair

Three things I like:
I like knitting. (Okay. I love knitting.)
I like beautiful things.
I like blogs.
Because of the first two, there is Purlescence. And because of all three, there is this. This is a space for me to tell you about the shop, for me to write about knitting, maybe to share some cool knitting stuff I find on the web — and, I hope, a space for me to learn about you.
The great thing about blogs (as if you need me to tell you) is the comments. Comments are what makes these peculiar little personal corners of the internet live and breathe. Comments are where a throwaway remark becomes a passionate conversation. So that’s why I’ve called this the Purlescence Café: because the whole point is to sit back, relax, and start chatting. Welcome.
(PS. You know those projects that refuse to be knit to deadline? You think a month, say, is plenty of time to make your sister that cute cardigan… but two months later it’s still about 10% away from finished; and two weeks after that it’s not much better. This blog was a bit like that. My indomitable and brilliant designer* had to struggle with learning Movable Type and all kinds of geeky stuff to get it off the ground. We’re a bit late, but here at last. That’s why this welcome message appears later than a bunch of older posts: I was in blogging mode a bit before the blog was in publishable mode. But wotthehell, archy, wotthehell; it gives you a little taste of what’s to come.)
* Who is doing this out of love, squeezing the hours in around his day job, so he has every right to be a bit tardy.

4 thoughts on “Pull up a chair

  1. W00t! Knitblog! Ok, so, I need a pattern for a simple baby beanie, size newborn, for normal 4-ply baby wool. The only ones I’ve found on the interweb are for DK (who knits baby clothes in DK?). It’s for charity, my new pet project. Please help, oh font of knitting wisdom.

  2. Hooray! Purlescence blog!
    So, what project(s) are you working on at the moment? (Knitting, of course :>).
    – everymoment.

  3. Your designer has done a great job, the Purlescencce cafe looks fantastic! And I agree about comments, that’s what makes doing the whole thing worthwhile.

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