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I would like to state for the record that the very sexy copper colour had absolutely nothing to do with my choice of new laptop.
I would like to. But that would be a lie. Are we not all about style, we knitters? (Or is that just me?)
In the background, we have Harvey, showing his complete lack of regard for such frivolities. Smart cat. (You know, I did wonder how long it would be before the fluffies made their appearance. I’m sorry to be so unoriginal — a knitter with cats; puh-leeze — but there it is. Anyway, a blog has to have cat pictures. It’s in the rules.)

3 thoughts on “Purrrty!

  1. Oh yes. I do.
    This is actually the first brand new (non-refurb) computer I’ve ever bought. It’s terribly exciting.

  2. Hi Robynn,
    I agree every blog has to have at least one cat picture. I have three cats, and I knit.
    I’ve already asked husband for some of your stock for Christmas.

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