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Absolutely, definitely the last baby hat here

I think I have by now made it clear that I’m a fan of patterns that aren’t. And I’m sure Jo has sorted herself out with a pattern (or vague instructions, if I’ve succeeded in swaying her over to my way of thinking) and hence there is absolutely no excuse for this.
But. It’s a watermelon hat. How could I resist?

2 thoughts on “Absolutely, definitely the last baby hat here

  1. Erm, heh, I haven’t actually tried any of the patterns yet :P. I’m really scared of messing with knitting patterns, it’s not like sewing where you can just take it in and cut off if it’s too big. The patterns I have are all for DK, and they do give gauges, but I wouldn’t know how to calculate the conversions to smaller needles and wool. I’m good at following patterns, but I’m not that experienced of a knitter to know how many stitches on x wool and y needle = z cm. Can you give me some pointers? At the moment I have a handy chart of different wools and their guages, by which to judge equivalent SA wools. Also, a needle conversion chart. Most of the patterns available online are US, dammit. The watermelon hat gives a good formula, though, so I’ll try that one. I need to get some circular needles! Never knitted with them before, you might hear a scream for help soon.
    Hey, Panda is coming to UK tomorow… Mmm. *goes off to look at the stock*

  2. Have you checked the patterns I pointed you too? This is messing around for babies. Honestly, you’re *supposed* to just pick your needles and go, that’s what they *want*!
    Funny what you say though – that’s how I feel about sewing (in reverse): too scary, it’s not like knitting where I can just pull it out and start again… just a question of perspective. Be brave! Just knit!

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