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Go team!

Time was when I thought of knitting as an essentially solitary activity. Just you and the needles, and maybe a cat or three. Then came the internet, and the knitting boom (no coincidence I reckon, but I’ll save that for another time), and stitch and bitch groups, and then came blogs, and knitalongs, and suddenly knitters seemed like the most sociable group on the web. And in the pub, and in the park…
And then we got Organised.
One crazy Canadian got inspired, and suddenly the whole world was talking about the Knitting Olympics. We’ve hardly recovered from that and now, the Knitting World Cup! …in fact, there are two. This one is expressly for charity; very cool. Confusing, but cool.
If you’re more inspired by cheesy reality TV than football (and who could blame you, really), there’s The Amazing Lace. Except it’s already started, so for those of us who haven’t signed up, it’s strictly spectator knitting at this point. Never mind; it’s never too late to Knit the Classics — a knitalong for the bookish! I love it.
My confession? I’m participating in none of these. I watch with great excitement and awe, but I have a little commitment problem. There’s been a lot to do round these parts, and knitting — dare I say it — is not top priority. I mean, obviously there is knitting happening; how else could a person stay sane? But it has to happen at my pace. Otherwise I’m just asking for trouble.
(Also, my needles are otherwise occupied with tit bits. Which should be delivered tout de suite, really.)
But in the meantime there’s always Worldwide Knit in Public Day. And this weekend promises to be gloriously sunny. Show your sticks, knitters!

5 thoughts on “Go team!

  1. Just wondering if there will a be a purlescence presence at Woolfest? Would love to feel those Lantern Moon needles, and the new rosewood circs.

  2. June 10th has come around pretty quickly, not sure where I’ll be but there will be public knitting. Oh yes..

  3. Sadly we will not be at Woolfest – at least not this year. We probably will be at Ally Pally in October though.
    I’m heading out of town this weekend for a too rare break with my husband; this puts the kibosh on any group KIP plans, but I will wave my needles wherever we are. And will report back next week!

  4. Hey, good to meet you at AngelKnits the other week.
    Found your blog the other day but didn’t get a chance to stop by and say HI. Hope to see you again – I’m off on hols next week, so it’ll probably be a fortnight before I’m back at AngelKnits.
    How’s your lacy top coming along?

  5. Negative learning curve

    Time was, I considered myself pretty hot shit, as a knitter. I come from a very crafty family. Mother, grandmother, sister and even father are all highly competent knitters (though dad doesn’t, any more); all except dad enthusiastically pursue one…

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