Relationship issues

One often hears knitters joke – at times with an edge of quiet desperation – about the number of projects they have on the go. I imagine a harem of woolly mistresses lounging around, awaiting their turn to be the favoured partner once more, after the latest infatuation has run its course. Never mind, they tell each other, she’ll be over that flirty little eyelash yarn soon enough, she’ll remember the value of a good solid aran like you…
I don’t have this problem. Never have had. Don’t quite understand it. I am a serial knitting monogamist, deeply committed to each and every one, even when the little bastard is giving me such a hard time. I won’t give up, I won’t admit surrender unless pushed to the very edge and beyond – sometimes not even then.
Consider the infamous Purple Monster of 2004: I spent the entire year frogging, redesigning, reworking, frogging and starting the damn thing over until I had a complete garment.
Which I hated.
This is not an isolated incident. I think it would do me good to play the field a little more, to be a bit quicker to move on when a knitting relationship isn’t making me happy. But I just can’t do it. I have tried, on occasion, to keep something on the side – a portable project to keep going when my main endeavour gets too big or awkward to carry on the train – but it never works out.
I feel so boring.

4 thoughts on “Relationship issues

  1. Oh Robynn, I do admire your commitment. I am a complete flibbertygibbet and always have about 12 projects on the go at anyone time…..

  2. I promise you, it’s not something to admire. It’s sheer bloodymindedness. I think a little multitasking would be a Very Good Thing.

  3. I’m terribly flighty (really short attention sp.. ooh! what’s that!) when it comes to needlework projects. At any one time I have around 4 projects “on the go” (more like lying around gathering dust). Not to mention all the fabric I’ve bought with the intentions of making something that same day. I have been knitting a scarf for my neice for the last 2 years, I’ve just about reached halfway. I’ll leave it because it’s sooo boring, then see it and guiltily knit a little, until I remember the baby hats and move on. I honestly wonder how I stayed with P this long :P.

  4. Robynn, can you believe that I found you here? Suppose the internet makes these things more and more common. I’m writing! About 60 000 words into the first novel I’m likely to finish. I’ve also spent half the year on a bed with backproblems, finishing a cross stich tablecloth my mother started in 1986 – I’m almost done. Still can’t knit. Very happy living in Melkbos. Are you well and happy?
    Love, Karla

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