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Cosying up the world, one stop sign at a time

You know when you just have too many odd balls left over from too many projects, and no idea what to do with them? You could maybe make a single sock. Or a quarter of a cushion. Or a patchwork afghan… if you don’t mind patches of clashing colours, wildly differing weights and scarily unsuitable yarns.
Or you could make a door handle cosy.
Why not?! They did.
And let’s not forget the now world-famous tree sweater. From a Seattle in-joke to New Zealand fashion magazine story, this little scrap of pink wool has made its presence known.
Even if you have a strict will-only-clothe-animated-subjects policy, there’s scope for crazy: how about a
squirrel sweater?
And cute to revolutionary isn’t that big a leap either. Check out Marianne’s project to cover army tanks in pink: “The tank is a symbol of stepping over other people’s borders. When it is covered in pink, it becomes completely unarmed and it loses its authority.” (Hat tip to the knittivists for the link.)
There. Don’t let nobody tell you knitting* is boring.
*Or crochet, yes, in the case of the squirrel…

4 thoughts on “Cosying up the world, one stop sign at a time

  1. And there was that whole thing about knitting jumpers for penguins which were ill from an oil spill.

  2. I know, Glittrgirl, that’s one of the reasons I love your blog – and I have to actively restrain myself from letting the Cafe become just a mirror of Glittyknittykitty, with every link you post republished here! You do find such fabulous stuff.

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