There was a merry messenger*

My fabulous new messenger bag.
You know, I have honestly never before owned a bag that I loved. I think it’s because I always tried to choose something that was practical and neutral and went with everything. Well, no more! I’ve become increasingly convinced that the way to shop is to buy only what you LOVE — even if it seems impractical. Buy green high heels and turquoise bags! If those are the colours that grab you, you’ll probably find they work with a lot more of your wardrobe than you expect.
Well, that seems to be working for me, anyway. Now I just need to find something a little bit smaller than this messenger bag, for those days when I only want to carry something little and light. And, obviously, fabulously colourful. I guess I’m waiting for Larisa to come up with a tall, narrow bag…
PS. If you haven’t already seen, all our new products are now up, and very yummy they are. Those glass needles have been selling like very fast-selling things — more are already on the way!
* Misquote from an utterly delightful and little known Tolkein poem called Errantry. Find someone to read it to, or failing that, read it to yourself. Aloud. Over and over.

4 thoughts on “There was a merry messenger*

  1. Great bag, great poem. I’m now going to start browsing the store looking at all the lovely new things.
    Do you think glass needles are safe to take on aeroplanes? Perhaps, I’ll stick to the wooden ones.

  2. Ooh, so I assume you’ve safely taken wooden ones? I’ve been too scared to have my lovely wooden needles confiscated – I assumed they would be all right but the risk, the risk!
    So I’m obviously not the best person to ask about glass needles. I suspect they’d be fine, if wooden are okay, but…

  3. I do know it! It’s terribly handy and is included in my links (over in the sidebar there — check it out, you may find something else useful!).

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