So much for that idea

I’d been doing so well. All year, I hadn’t bought any yarn. After going just a little bit doolally in the Christmas sale (Summer Tweed!) I took a vow of austerity, much as glittrgirl has just done. I had even offloaded much of my stash (Summer Tweed! I told you I went doolally) at a yarn swap (…okay, I might have come home with a *little* bit of Linen Drape, but I needed that to match some of my existing stash so I could knit a bigger jacket!) and succeeded in getting the stash to fit in just one moderately sized Ikea basket. (Well, practically.) Everything was going so well.
But then I decided I could relax the rule just a little to get a few balls of this…
…to make a bag*. And of course it’s sale season**. And, well, somehow I found myself coming home with two bags of this***…
ribbon twist.jpg
…because it’s *fabulous*, and I have been working on 3mm needles (or smaller!) way too damn long, and I’m gonna have me a new winter coat.
Oh yes.
Maybe on my next trip to Ikea, I’ll buy the bigger basket. That would make my self-inflicted Stash Limit so much easier to adhere to.
* Having concluded that an Empowered Knitter doesn’t need to wait for a designer to make a bag of the right shape, nuh-uh
** You might want to come back to Purlescence next week. (Ahem.)
*** Rowan ho, moi? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

5 thoughts on “So much for that idea

  1. Hahah! The only reason I’m limiting myself so much in the sales is that I keep being reminded I’ll have to carry it all in my backpack when I go travelling.

  2. I do admire your restraint, Robynn. I know that the next year is going to be hard….
    I LOVE Summer Tweed – Luckily I have some in my stash….

  3. I love that pink and black colourway, I did NOT need to know that it was on sale though. No, no, no, no, no. Must not buy any. ARGH!

  4. Knitty heaven

    After a week in the glorious Highlands*, I can say one thing for sure: Scotland is just made for knitting. We’d barely arrived when my fingers started to itch. It might have been the weather – excessively cold, wet and…

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