It’s oh so quiet

I know. I know. Where have I been, indeed? Well, a large part of the answer to that is “fighting with my mobile network”, but that doesn’t make for very edifying blog content*, so I’ll spare you.
Besides that, and melting in the heat (look, I’m from Africa and I love the sun, but that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to moan when things get quite so sticky!), I have been doing some really rather interesting things. I can’t tell you about them just yet, but trust me, you’ll like the news. Watch this space.
I’ve also been doing a reasonable amount of knitting — even trying my hands at a little yarn polygamy. Turns out, I can work on multiple projects if I set my mind to it! Of course the conditions have to be right: I need a really good excuse for every one. For instance, the wrap top that’s ready for sewing up** is too big to take to work, so I need a little carry-along project. And the tit bits I started may be small and portable, but I’m nervous about carrying a bunch of DPNs (how can they not fall out along the way? I don’t wish to push my luck). See? Ironclad excuse for multiple infidelity. Ironclad, I say.
Quick commercial announcements:
Lantern Moon’s circular needles have arrived at last. And they are lovely.
We also have a bunch more glass needles, so if the size you wanted sold out too quickly before, please have another go. I think we have enough now.
And an early warning: we Purlescence people will be taking a little summer break next week. My sexy web designer and I will be hieing ourselves off to Scotland for a few days. The shop will be open for business but orders placed during the week will take a leeetle bit longer than normal to ship; plus, we may not respond promptly to emails. (I hear the Highlands are not entirely devoid of the glorious interweb, but I don’t fancy my chances.) I know you’ll understand.
* If all goes well, though, the outcome should make for happy blogging indeed — I see a vastly improved cameraphone in my future. Wish me luck, knitters!
** Or so it seemed. Turns out there’s a little frogging and remaking to be done. Why do I get it so wrong sometimes? Whywhywhy? *sigh* It will all be worth it in the end. I hope.

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