I know. I know! Ten days without posting? This is no way to run a blog. Kids today, no follow-through, etc.
See, I was ordered by my webmaster to keep my sticky fingers off the blog while we were dealing with some teknikl issues. You know the ones. Well, you do if you’ve been doing any shopping here over the past month or so. Those nasty “internal server errors”. Good news: we’ve migrated to a new server, and we hope (cross fingers) that that will be the end of THAT. (If it isn’t, please, please let me know. Any little error that hits you at all, fire off an email toute suite. Gotta squash those nasty little bugs.)
Meanwhile, I have some catching up to do. Bunch o’ things I have been wanting to share with you. Bunch o’ things.
Thing the first: have you seen this utterly delightful gallery of free knitting images? Quite remarkably twee, some of them, but quite delightful.
Thing the second: have you seen the Knitterati competition? Funky knitters are invited to submit original designs*; all will climax in big heap excitement at Ally Pally. You have until 6 October. Go!
Thing the third: only nine days to go until Talk Like a Pirate day. Get in the mood with a little piratical knitting. Arrrh!
* By the way, if design contests get your whiskers all a-twitch, watch this space. We will have a little something for you by next month. Actually quite a big something. I hope you’ll like it.

2 thoughts on “Huzzah!

  1. Ah, it’s nice to be missed! Thanks for saying that. And yes, we are all hoping… signs so far look good. Huzzah for working technology!

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