Coffee and cake, with added fibre

As recently suggested, I’m going to be heading to Cafe Crimson in Putney to road test their leather couches under knitting conditions. The test drive will take place this Saturday afternoon. Some non-knitting passengers will be in attendance (for scientific purposes, to ensure research neutrality), but the experimenter will be closely observing their reaction in the presence of yarny deliciousness. Can they be turned? Is it possible that cheesecake lowers resistance? Join us and find out…
When: Saturday 21 October, starting from around 3pm. We may not be entirely punctual, alas, as shopping is to take place first. If in doubt, turn up around 3.30pm. If early, claim the biggest group of couches you can find and wave pointy sticks at would-be intruders.
Where: Cafe Crimson, Upper Richmond Road, Putney – very close to Stash. From the train station, turn left, then immediately right into Upper Richmond Road, and walk five minutes; it’s on the left-hand side of the road.
Who: absolutely anybody, with or without yarn or yarny intent.
Please leave a comment if you would like my mobile number. Would love to meet some of you there.
PS So sorry for the horrid spam comments that have been turning up! Seems my filter isn’t working as well as I’d like… and they weren’t being emailed to me, so I didn’t see them at first. I’ll never understand spammers. Does that stuff actually work, on anyone?

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  1. i’m hopefully going along to Stash on saturday – not sure what time, but if it’s the pm i’ll try and pop along to Cafe Crimson too.

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