Got opinions?

Of course you have opinions. You’re knitters. How about sharing your opinions with me?
I’m writing a feature for the next Yarn Forward on how the internet has fuelled the knitting trend. I think that online shopping, online information/patterns/resources and online communities have together had a huge impact in bringing knitters out of the closet, and attracting new ones. What do you think? Any thoughts, arguments, stories? Please email me (purlescence AT gmail DOT com) or leave a comment!
I’d particularly like to hear from anyone who is new to knitting, and who agrees that the internet played a part in encouraging them to take up this hobby; anyone who has tried a new fibre hobby (spinning, maybe) as a result of seeing it online; or anyone who considers the net an essential part of their knitting activity in some way.
Please write asap, my deadline is looming and the piece is coming together as we speak.

3 thoughts on “Got opinions?

  1. It certainly seems to have fuelled a world wide sock knitting obsession, even among us old hardline knitters. The other thing I would say is that it has also opened up access to previously unavailable yarns. Without online websites like getknitted, angel yarns, woollyworkshop, loop, etc and yourself on the needles and accessories us poor obsessive knitters over here in Northern Ireland woud be stuck with the paltry offerings of the local yarn shops. Admittedly they do keep some nice plain coloured luxury wools but for the most part I find novelty and cheap acrylics where my tastes run to beautiful hand dyed Merinos, kettle dyed South American pure wools and alpacas. Without the internet I don’t think I would have picked up my needles again with such enthusiasm nor felt that I belong to this big family of like minded bloggers

  2. I absolutely agree that the access to really beautiful, high-quality yarns can’t be overemphasized. I learned to knit, sort of, when I was in my early teens, but then dropped it for a long time, and when I came back to it, a few years ago, I found my yarn choices totally uninspiring at best, if not actually horrible. Eventually I found John Lewis stocked good stuff, and then I hit the jackpot on the internet. I am all about the materials; if a yarn doesn’t totaly move me, I don’t want to knit with it.
    I don’t come from a crafty background at all; I have an auntie who does counted cross-stitch, and my gran crochets the occasional afghan, but everything I know about knitting and sewing I’ve had to learn myself. Having vast online resources has been enormously helpful; If I get stuck, I have a good idea where to go to get help, or if it’s something really obscure, I hit Google, and sure enough, the answer is out there. Plus, I really enjoy just being able to natter on about knitting with similarly obsessed folk, doubtless to the profound relief of the people in my life who love me dearly, and like the socks and jumpers, and admire the skill and persistence it takes to make them, but really aren’t interested in talking about exactly why I love knitting so much.

  3. fwiw I indulge in purchasing yarn online more than I would in ‘real life’, because I can shop around for better deals. Also, pattern hunting is fun and varied.
    Another big + for me personally: it’s a huge advantage as a mom of 2 small people, who, though fairly easy-going, are not easy to take to sewing/knitting shops. I can do a much more leisurely and thorough browse via the ‘net when they’re asleep.

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