It’s like a sickness

So there was a very good reason for me to walk in there. I had to show a newbie knitter the wonders of Stash. I had to make her see just how different yarn was these days. I had to sink the hook a little deeper, in other words.*
There was, however, absolutely no good reason for me to walk out with this.
Well, there are two half-good reasons. One, the blue angora/silk is going to be a chemo cap. Two, the pink/green Regal Silk is going to be both a flower on the cap, and an edging for the stole I’m planning for the pink/green mohair silk I got last time. (Scroll down, picture the match, nod approvingly.) But that’s where it ends. There is absolutely no excuse for the gorgeous flamey Sea Silk, except that… well… it’s gorgeous flamey Sea Silk, and I picked it up, and it didn’t want to go back on the shelf.
Be careful what you idly pick up in a yarn shop, knitters. There’s no telling where it’ll end.
Now, a more sensible knitter might be realising that proximity to Stash is clearly not healthy for me,** and calling off the Cafe Crimson expedition. I am clearly not a more sensible knitter. So I will be returning on a biweekly basis, because I’m a sucker for cheesecake and leather couches and good company, and it’s been working well so far. It’s (partly) up to you lot to provide the good company. 2pm on alternate Saturdays. Make a note.
* So she’d stop telling strangers on the train, “My friend made me start this.”
** Arguably, it’s very healthy for my spirit, but not so much for my bank balance and stash diet. Ha ha ha. Remember that socalled stash diet? Boy, when I fall off the wagon, I crash, and bounce around a little so the falling doesn’t ever stop. Note to self: stash diets don’t work any better than the other kind.

3 thoughts on “It’s like a sickness

  1. Oh, I hear you. You know that Rowan Plaid jumper I knit in nine days? How long do you think it took me to fill the seven-balls-of-Rowan-Plaid-shaped hole in my stash? Not very.

  2. Sounds as if Stash (the shop) is dangerous to those of our persuasion. I shall still go when I have my week in London at the end of Nov!

  3. Next time you are in, you must introduce yourself! Also, you are welcome to knit upstairs in the shop on Saturdays as long as there isn’t a class going on.

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