Merrily merrily

The last orders for this year have been posted off; some calm has returned, after the hectic Christmas rush; and, fog willing, tomorrow we nip off to Switzerland to visit my very lovely in-laws and entertain the locals with my attempts at skiing. (First time. Based on my one-day lesson at Milton Keynes, it’s going to be physical comedy of the highest order.)
So it remains only to thank you all for your support since I launched this site in January. It has been quite a year! Running Purlescence has been exciting, challenging, scary, and most of all bundles of fun. I have enjoyed far closer contact with my fabulous customers than I had expected; what a great bunch you are — friendly, funny and warm. But then, of course you are. You’re knitters.
With all my heart: thank you for coming into my shop, for sending your friends here, and most of all for letting me know exactly what you did and didn’t like, what excited you, what frustrated you… I am glad to say there was much more good than bad, and the frustrating parts (like having to enter a state, even when your country has no states): well, we’re working on them. We really are.
So with your generous help and enthusiastic support, I hope 2007 is going to be even better. Our biggest growth spurt is over, but we have one or two things in the works that I think you will like.
Have a gorgeous, peaceful, cosy and cheerful Christmas; stint not on the mince pies and champagne; and I’ll see you in the New Year.

One thought on “Merrily merrily

  1. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy (hic) Hogmanay. We will think of you in snowless Switzerland, because as far as we know they have had the same strange weather as us. No snow and us less than a mile away from a cross country ski path…very sad. Snow on Boxing day I reckon, until then the cold….

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