I know.

Yes. I have been one slack-ass, lazy, hopeless, no-good slacker of a useless can’t-call-herself-a-blogger. I am so sorry. I love talking to you all, and I love hearing from you even more than that, and I’m just not holding up my end of the bargain, am I? That sucks. I don’t know if it helps to say how good my intentions are, and that I really really mean to do better now, I swear. But I will tell you that I have plans to get some better pics up here in future (because really, what’s a knitting blog without yarn pr0n?)… although a lot of my WIPs I can’t actually show you yet. Hm. Conundrum. Still, I’m sure we can come up with something.
What I have to tell you today is not about the great knitting I’ve been doing, or the gorgeous snow we had yesterday (all quickly melting 2 inches of it), or the brilliant things I’m lining up for the shop, or the imminent price cuts on a few (I said a FEW, calm down there) products (thank you, falling dollar!), or even how happy my cats are making me. (They get really affectionate in the winter. Funny that.)
No, I just wanted to point out that the Snow White winners are up. Have you seen them? Good stuff. And Puss in Boots winners will be published by the weekend. One of em’s a stonker, I tell you. (Hey, have you seen the yarn Kirsty dyed for Cinderella’s Secret Stockings? How much are we looking forward to that pattern?)
Kirsty also mentions a little bit of news that isn’t quite ripe yet, but what the hell: there’s talk of getting the winning designs included in a textile art exhibition later this year, in Hereford Art Week. Isn’t that brilliant? I’ll keep you all posted.
Meanwhile, this little guy wasn’t entered into Puss in Boots, but I can’t imagine why. Maybe we’ll adopt him as our mascot. (Borrowed from cuteoverload and sent in by Temperance; thankee dear!)
Now, in the interests of managing expectations, I have to tell you that I’m going to be very busy this weekend and it’s extremely unlikely that I’ll get around to blogging before sometime next week. As much as I want to. But if you don’t hear from me by Wednesday, yell. Yell rude things. That ought to get my attention.

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  1. It’s Wednesday and I’m yelling at you!! Where the H*** have you disappeared to. We’re all out here waiting for you.

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