Hookers hang out

The mood was intense. Concentration was fierce. So were the faces.
The scene: a crochet workshop for beginners. They were brave. They were bold. They came with nothing but determination… and they left with… well, very little other than a crochet hook and a tenuous grasp of the distinction between a double crochet and a double treble.
A round of applause for the intrepid hookers, please. I am not greatly blessed with the teaching skills, but we had a good time, and I think everybody present can now look a granny square in the eye and say, “I am not afraid.” Although there was much more enthusiasm for Gecko Ridge than for poor old granny. Remember Gecko?
I do have more progress, honestly. I’ll be laying it out one of these fine days and deciding on whether it’s time to sew up. I’m a bit scared of that day. I worry that all kinds of problems will come to light, and besides… when it’s done, what will I have as a default, stuff in the handbag, work on the train project? Gecko is part of my life now! I can’t just finish it. What kind of betrayal would that be?
*sigh* I guess I could always finish my clap.
And take up socks.
(Down, Anne! Down!)
PS. Wow, you guys really like the shawl pins, huh? Well… yeah, I knew you would. I’m gonna have to re-order those pretty sharpish.

2 thoughts on “Hookers hang out

  1. Crochet – not my thing, I’m a hard core knitter. I can crochet the stitches but have no real affinity for it except if required as finishing on a knit. Ow well they say it takes all sorts, my sister crochets, those little lacy table things, can’t see the attraction myself. See you’re using the purl stitch for the clapotis, keep going it starts to look like something once you get into the straight bit and start dropping stitches.

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