I’m not late, the universe is running fast

…which is why I only found out about the Silent Poetry Reading today. Never one to let a mere accident of chronology trip me up, I give you one of my favourite poems by one of my favourite poets. (I have an unholy love for nonsense. Be grateful the entire Storytellers series was not given over to it, only one month.)
I have my price
by Mervyn Peake
I have my price — it’s rather high
(about the level of your eye)
but if you’re nice to me I’ll try
to lower it for you —
To lower it! To lower it!
Upon the kind of rope they knit
from yellow grass in Paraguay
where knitting is taboo.
Some knit them purl, some knit them plain
some knit their brows of pearl in vain.
Some are so plain, they try again
to tease the wool of love!
O felony in Paraguay
there’s not a soul in Paraguay
who’s worth the dreaming of.
They say,
who’s worth the dreaming of.