I’ve heard that old “learn to walk before you run” idea, but I do not hold with it. I’m all about diving in the deep end. However, considering my first ever sock* is only an inch long at this point, I do think I might be getting a little carried away. I seem to have already ticked the box marked “sock knitter” in my head and am so behaving as sock knitters apparently do, viz, stashing like crazy.
Because it’s just so tempting, isn’t it? All those gorgeous, colourful yarns; and you only need a skein or two. That’s probably what has, till now, kept me from bankruptcy; I make sweaters (almost always), and I’m not so tiny, and I don’t like to run out, so I tend to get antsy with buying anything less than 12 balls for a project, even if I don’t have an actual pattern in mind. (By the time I’ve carried the bag home, I have a plan, but not necessarily at the actual moment of purchase.) And it’s easier to say “no” if you have to think hard about what exactly you’re going to do with all that yarn, and whether it’s really worth 12 times the price per ball, and whether you shouldn’t first go home and have a good hard look at your stash and project list and maybe come up with a design first so you actually know what you need, and then go back for the yarn, which obviously hardly ever happens.
But the prospect of socks, well, that opens up all sorts of new possibilities. (I’m also very much enjoying the idea of trying out squillions of pretty stitch patterns, without having to design a whole garment.) So, acting as if I’ve already completed at least one successful and fun-to-knit pair, I might have had a little encounter with Wollmeise. And it’s possible that I’ve begged Kirsty to send me the wherewithal for a pair of Secret Stockings** the second her shop is back up. And I’m casting an exceptionally longing eye over at Posh this week. (Come to me, oh Fir! This way, Cipher! Mellow, how I love thee…)
I am, however, wondering whether this is entirely advisable; whether these little skeins of deliciousness will ever make it to actual footwear. See, I’m managing the DPNs. I’m not liking them, but I’m coping. So that’s all right. And I’m sure I can figure out this whole peculiar shaping thing, no problem. It’s just that..
Well, it’s an awful lot of tiny little stitches, isn’t it? I’m not the most patient knitter. Never mind Second Sock Syndrome; I’m probably going to have some trouble just getting my First Socks to a decent length before making with the heel turn. Funny, I can handle lots and lots of tiny stitches on straight needles, but on DPNs… ugh.
* We are not counting the aborted two-circs attempt. If it ever gets finished, it will be considered a sock; till then, We Will Not Speak Of It.
** Really, I’m not a big fan of the “knowing my limits” concept. I knit lace. I knit colourwork. I can do this!

4 thoughts on “Greedy

  1. I am told that sock yarn does not count as stash, and I am choosing to believe that. And my gosh, it’s so beautiful. It’s very nice to look at a skein (or in some cases, two) of a really exquisite yarn and know you’ve got enough to complete a project that isn’t yet another bloody scarf or hat. I love making socks so much that I’m using it as incentive to power through the agonising sleeve-phase of the interminable jumper I’m making for my husband. When it’s done, I am winding up that skein of lovely green Posh Yarn and creating a pattern that does it justice.

  2. Ooooooo must tell hubby that one. Sock yarn does not count as Stash. Yes I love it,especially as most of my stash is currently sock yarn. Does that now mean I have a very small stash and must immediately rectify this issue and make a trip to Putney to restash at Stash? Ummmmmm. Pause for thought!

  3. Have you tried Magic Loop? I couldn’t get on with dpns when I knit my first sock and now do magic loop all the time. It can be a little confusing following a pattern at first. You just have to put stitch markers where the ends of the dpns would be until you get the shape of it in your head.
    Btw, enjoyed your article in Issue 2 of Yarn Forward. And was thrilled to see my name in print! I’m glad you found my comments useful.

  4. What’s that, Mel? A stash emergency? To the batmobile! Let’s go!
    Magic loop is definitely part of the plan – but after my failed attempt with two circs, I thought I might do best to actually use DPNs for the first pair, and then once I understand the logic of it, I’ll learn to adapt. The other problem is that I hate metal needles, and of course the lovely wooden circulars don’t come in sock yarn sizes. So it’ll be interesting to see which proves more powerful: my distaste for metal, or my distaste for dpns!
    Anyway, glad you liked my article – and thanks for contributing such great comments. (I still haven’t received my own copy of YF yet; now I’m even more impatient to se it!)

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