Oh my woolly goodness.

Did I mention my little encounter with the Wollmeise?
Do not imagine you can see the glowing gorgeousness of that greeny one. You can’t. You just can’t.
You also can’t smell them. They smell… fruity. Pomegranatey, in fact. Which is interesting, because the red one is called Granatapfel (pomegranate). Now how does she do that?
And you can’t feel them. You can’t feel the soft, bouncy huggishness of that merino.
But most of all, you can’t share in my delight at this little woolly collage I also received. (A sample set. What a wonderful idea.)
I am going to have so much fun with these.
My tech problems, in case you were wondering, are not solved. These pics are brought to you by the photographic kindness of dear Armin, who was on camera duty yesterday because we just happen to have some rather fabulous new products.
Which just so happen to be 10% off for spring.

9 thoughts on “Oh my woolly goodness.

  1. I SO want a sample set from the wollmeise….so much it hurts. May have to contact her and pay….thanks for the drooling photos though

  2. I was looking at Woolmeise recently and drooled over the colours, so many. That sample pack you have is so yummy looking I’d like to get me one of those. Any more sock progress to report? I hope your early frustrations haven’t put you off completely. Funny thing is I don’t have any socks OTN at the moment as I’m working on Knitty’s Thermal using PY Emily and I just can’t put it down.

  3. Get yourselves a sample set, knitters! It’s not expensive and just *so* delicious to look at. And it definitely makes it easier to choose from her overwhelming selection of colours. (Did you know she’ll do any of them in a dark or light version? So take the colour range and triple it, basically.)
    The sock is progressing apace. I haven’t had much knitting time (sob) but I’m getting into the groove. Pics will happen soon.

  4. A sample set?! OMG – thank goodness I didn’t get one of these! I would be bankrupt by now! Love your colour choices!

  5. You shameless hussy, you temptress. I’ve just been back to Woolmeise and I think I have ordered me some yarn and a sample set. OMG you are soooo bad. At this rate my stash is going to take over a large barn. Were you on her website? Did you see the todiefor wristlets and mobius and 2 new colours?

  6. It’s all your fault, Ruth, I saw the Wollmeise first on your blog! If you want to feast your eyes on more colours without the sample set, you might cast your eye over this Flickr group…
    In my experience though it only fans the flames of desire.
    Anne, a wise move, very wise. But no, where on her site are these wristlets etc? I can’t find them!

  7. See her entries for 4th Feb and October 31st. You’ll get it. I’ve taken the patterns to try some time but as I don’t speak German I’m going to have to work out the Mobius one from the wristlets, should be possible, just apply some logic.

  8. I ordered 3 skeins of 4 ply and a sample set from Wollmeise…They’re on their way. I have you and Ruth to blame for that, putting temptation directly in the path of a yarnaholic. My stash is already groaning at the seams with recent additions of 7 skeins from BMFA and some Kureyon that was on sale (resistance was futile). I fess up to being a bad, bad girl and I don’t want to know about any more yarn dyers. I’m already addicted to Dee’s PY. Please, please no more temptation.

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