Eight things

I love blog memes. I love the quirky little details they tend to throw up, and I love the way they provide easy blog content when you’re lacking inspiration. Plus, I like talking about myself. (I’m an egocentric Aries.) So thanks, G! I’m glad to be tagged.
My 8 things aren’t really random. They’re largely inspired by others who have done this meme, or by memes themselves. Still, they’re otherwise unconnected and irrelevant, so…
1. I love astrology. And numerology, and tarot, and feng shui. I cannot rationally defend them, but I have a deep attraction to belief systems that are inherently so aesthetic. (I don’t mean pretty pictures so much as the idea that we can interpret life through mythic symbols and patterns.) So: I’m an Aries, with Cancer rising and moon in Aquarius. How about you?
2. Unlike you, G, I have an insanely sweet tooth. And a shocking inability to restrain myself. I adore chocolate, cake, pastries… not that interested in non-chocolate sweets (except for jelly beans and fruit all sorts) but I won’t turn them down. I also love bread and pasta and all things wheaty; and the many glorious incarnations of cheese. Also wine, and cocktails. Not so much beer. Wouldn’t it be nice if I had, say, an undying fondness for broccoli and steamed fish? But no. I gravitate towards the calories.
3. I recently read an interview with Vanessa Redgrave in which she said casually, “Everybody can relate to [this play] because we’ve all experienced loss.” Except me. I have never lost anyone, and never had my heart broken. Yes, I do know how lucky I am (although apparently stunted emotionally because I have missed out on these universal human experiences).
4. I am persnickety by nature. Especially when it comes to language. I’m not quite of the Lynn Truss zero-tolerance school, but I do tend to shout at poor, innocent shop signs. Back at school, I remember borrowing notes from a friend, and returning them to her with pencilled in spelling corrections. Bizarrely, she’s still my friend.
5. As a knitter, I’m strangely conservative. I have fallen into certain habits and ideas about what I like, and it’s hard to break out of that. For instance, for about 10 years I didn’t buy any wool. Not a single ball. I’m not sure what all I did buy, but I think it was mostly cotton. Now I’m dabbling my toe in the wool sock pond, and guess what? It’s not itchy! Fancy that.
6. In high school, I wanted to be a fashion designer or buyer (globe-trotting shopping! Brilliant!), and in fact I was *thees close* to studying design. (Long story as to why that didn’t happen.) Took me years to realise that while I do love clothes, I don’t feel quite so warmly towards Fashion. Two other small flaws in my plan: I can’t draw; and I hate, hate, hate sewing.
As it turns out, I could circumvent both of those problems and still achieve my dream (sort of) by launching a fashion store in Second Life. Wouldn’t that be fun? Like playing paper dolls! I love that I live in a world where that sort of thing is possible. (And, for that matter, where I get to indulge my desire to make pretty clothes, and shop for pretty things, by knitting and selling gorgeous knitting paraphernalia. Result!)
7. I have two degrees (one in arts, one in business) and still feel hopelessly undereducated. I daydream a lot about further study; but what I really want is to take another undergraduate arts/humanities degree, since I couldn’t possibly cover everything I was interested in the first time round. Hm, not so very practical, that.
8. I was “brought up gay”, as a friend once said (yes, my father actually is gay), and love, love, love oldfashioned musicals. But not Lloyd-Webber, and please don’t talk to me about anything Disney or jukebox-derived — I’m all about Rodgers & Hammerstein, Lerner & Loewe, Cole Porter. The King and I, South Pacific, Oklahoma — utterly fabulous, the lot of them. (By the way, if you share my unfortunate tastes, The Drowsy Chaperone is a wonderful pastiche and homage to the genre.)
So, that’s my 8. I’m not going to tag anyone; but if you’re reading this, and you’d like to play along, please do! Put a note in the comments so we can find your answers. Or for the blogless, put your answers in the comments. That works too.

4 thoughts on “Eight things

  1. Always open for info on yarnshops in London!!!
    As for color… This year felt green to me…. wonder what symbolism that has?

  2. Now your sweet tooth gave itself away a long time ago!
    Only a person with a super sweet tooth would opt to work their way quietly through one of the cheesecakes/desserts on offer at a certain cafe (over a period of time, of course) until they were in a position to offer others advice on which are the best to go for!

  3. My dear, I would quite happily work my way through all those cheesecakes in a single afternoon, given half a chance. But as it happens I’ve only tried about three or four of them. Of course I plan to rectify this at the earliest opportunity… Saturday, say!

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