Life’s too short

Okay, as the astute might have gathered, that chenille wrap will not be happening.
I’m not quite sure why; last time I worked with chenille, I didn’t hate it this much. But, whatever; I’m not going to force it. I’m sure I could fiddle with needle size and stitch pattern till I got it right, but really. No.
Which means, I find myself short one knitted wrap. Does anybody have one they’re rather proud of and would like to see photographed? I’ll borrow it for as brief a time as possible, and will return it with the brooch or shawl pin of your choice, from this rather exquisite range.

5 thoughts on “Life’s too short

  1. Chenille, pah. It always seems like a good idea at the time. You see a lovely sweater/scarf. It’s so soft, so cuddly, the colours just glow. Then, a year down the line (sooner for the scarf) it starts to shed and you end up with black fluff all over your white shirt, or green fluff all over anything you wore with the jersey. Also, your desk seems to sprout a fine layer of mould. So, as much as I love the jewel-like green sweater, the catastrophic shed is too much to handle and it’s locked in the cupboard forever. Washing it severely doens’t seem to help. How does one make it not shed? Is it just a property of the yarn and how the little fibres are woven into it?

  2. Yes, quite. It does seem to depend greatly on the particular yarn, but also on how it’s treated. I’ve had one chenille jersey that shed violently from the first second I wore it; and I’ve had one that behaved magnificently – until it went in the wash. More recently, my latest chenille jersey has survived for years very well on handwash and very gentle machine wash treatment (“washing it severely” probably made it worse, I fear), though it is starting to show wear. (Yes, these are all storebought. It’s a long time since I made a whole garment out of chenille. Probably a good thing.)

  3. I do have a wrap but it is not chenillile. It is the Rowan river pattern in Kidsilk Haze in a rather lovely fushia pink. Do you want me to drop it over to you?

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