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Too much to do, too little time, but I just had to draw your attention to two things.
1. As of course you know, Saturday is Knit in Public Day. Now, that’s a bit like Chocolate Day in my mind (what, you mean it’s allowed just once a year? Ludicrous!), but let’s turn it around and say that on this day it is compulsory to KIP, rather than just greatly to be encouraged, as per usual. (Suddenly I’m liking the idea of a Chocolate Day. Oh wait, that’s called Easter!)
I’m going to be joining this trouble-making group here; I’ve long wanted to go to one of their meetings and never quite made it. If I can’t get to Jubilee Gardens on KIP Day, really, there’s no hope for me! So if you can get to Waterloo, please come and join me* — *cough* I mean, them — and if you can’t, I’ll expect to hear all about your KIP exploits afterwards.
2. My new blogfriend Chelsey has had a marvellous idea: a knitter’s book swap. Note, this is not a knitting book swap, but a book swap for knitters. Novels, not know-how. I love it. I’m signing up right this second. If you want a chance of enjoying the benefit of my most excellent literary taste, then join us! Join us! And please, spread the word.
That’s it. I’ll be back with pictures (of socks, and presumably, knitters! In public! Quite shameless!) very shortly.
* Their itinerary is demanding. It starts on the steps of St Paul’s, at noon. Then moving onto the Tate Modern (1.30-2.30), the London Eye (3.30-4.30) and Trafalgar Square (5-6pm). While I think the full tour sounds like a bundle of fun, I must restrict myself to just one choice venue, and for transport reasons** I pick the London Eye.
** I.e. I’m a lazy git who won’t stray too far from the station.

4 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. *us excited to be new blog friend*
    Yay for awesomeness. I need to figure out what I’m doing for KIP day.
    Camping out at Starbucks maybe….

  2. Camping out at Starbucks good; camping out en masse better. Do you have a local knit group you can join for a “shock the muggles” moment? Maybe somewhere at your college!

  3. Thanks for the mention! I hope you make it. It will be fabulous to meet you!
    It is going to be a looooooooooong and knitty day. đŸ™‚
    Stitch and Bitch London

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