4, and a bonus round

4 TV shows I watch:
1. Heroes. Love it, although I hear it goes the way of Lost in preferring tenterhooks over resolution, and that really irks me. Also, I’m not sure why it’s hailed as so original when it’s basically X-Men with added serial killer. But, hey. It’s slick, glossy and on the whole, not badly scripted.
2. Medium. We’re watching reruns on the SciFi channel. The quality seems to vary wildly from episode to episode; Patricia Arquette and her husband are fundamentally great, but the script and directing are sometimes appallingly clunky. And I hate the kids. Really, really annoying kids.
3. Ugly Betty. Much to my surprise, this is one of Armin’s favourite shows ever. The dialogue is brilliant, but it gets a bit Desperate Housewives in the attempt to mix Intrigue with flat-out situation comedy.
4. Grey’s Anatomy. I’m completely addicted. Part of what I love about this show is the presence of gorgeous, curvaceous, non-gym-hardened women in sexy roles. That more than makes up for the astonishingly skinny lead.
The thing is, though, there are an awful lot of “buts” in that list, aren’t there? Apparently there isn’t a single show on right now that I unabashedly love. What a shame. So I’m randomly introducing a subcategory: Shows that I ritually mourn.
1. Buffy. Okay, okay, it couldn’t last forever. Okay, okay, it was losing the spark a *tiny* bit towards the end. (Though if anybody tries to criticise the finale, they will feel the pointy end of my needles.)
2. Weeds. What happened? It was perfect! Sharp, funny, challenging, brilliant. There must be a second series, surely. Surely?!
3. FIREFLY! Again, only one series? You HAVE to be kidding.
4. Gilmore Girls. Of course they’re still screening this in the US, aren’t they, but I can’t get it. Hence the ritual mourning. It’s wonderful, and I was absolutely foaming at the mouth at the end of series 5 or whatever it was that I last saw — Rory dropping out?! Rory with this Logan idiot?! What? Noooo! I have to know what happens next! I have to! …what, that’s ALL YOU’RE GIVING ME? I hate you, Hallmark. I hate you.
(And finally, two guilty pleasures: America’s Next Top Model; and another for the ritual mourning files, Days of our Lives. WHY won’t Five’s new US channel give me Days? Why? It is the only soap in the world worth watching! It is Mad Genius! I miss it terribly.)

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  1. Actually Gilmore girls ended this year, and it didn’t get better….
    I adore Grey’s Anatomy on an almost unsafe level

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