Another 4. Hm, that would be 12, right?

4 places I have lived:
[I’ve lived in an awful lot of places. In fact, I’ve moved more than 25 times; nearly once for every year of my life. Which four to pick…]
1. Sasolburg; a brown, flat, industrial town in the middle of nowhere. Like Milton Keynes, it’s exquisitely well planned (for cars) and rather a pleasant place to live, in a very suburban way, although it has atrocious pollution problems, it
literally stinks, and if you stay there for more than a few years you will suffer nasty lung damage. We didn’t stay long. (I was around 7 years old.) The funny thing about Sasolburg is that although its pretty small, the high turnover of staff at the plants there means you meet an awful lot of people who’ve actually lived there at some time. Armin was there when he was around 4.
2. Cape Town, city of my heart. I grew up in various parts of the southern suburbs: the forested, suburban, windy side. Armin grew up in the city bowl (nestled under Table Mountain and just above the city — the part you see on postcards), and maintains that I didn’t live in “Cape Town” at all. But he’s wrong. Also, Lion’s Head looks more like a camel. So there.
3. Melville, Johannesburg: a city that Capetonians ritually despise, but that turned out to be rather marvellous to live in. It’s the opposite of the cliche &#8212 a great place to live, but you wouldn’t want to visit. I miss the thunderstorms terribly. And the restaurants.
4. London. The best place we’ve lived since arriving five years ago was a very glamorous (though dated, and shared) riverside flat, with all the luxuries (leisure complex with jacuzzi, sauna, pool etc; balcony; spectacular view…). It was wonderful, and on top of all that we had the nicest landlord in the city. But these things don’t last forever, and our present digs are, alas, nowhere near as delightful. On the plus side, though, we now have cats.