Hey, wanna see some knitting?

This is toe-up, destined for my own dear Armin. (I consider this a mighty victory, since when I first announced I was considering knitting socks, he was exceptionally quick to say “not for me, thanks”. Now he’s looking quite pleased with the notion.) I’m using the toe-up recipe from the latest Interweave, and I recommend it highly. (I’m actually using it for another pair at the same time – and I use the word “pair” advisedly, as it’s two at once on the good old magic loop. More on that another time. With pictures, yes dears.) At first I was planning to do a little ribby cabling or similar, but the yarn wanted to be plain old stocking stitch. It was most definite about that. I thought I’d just stick a little braidy thing on one side, to prevent it being utterly boring, but you know, I’m not convinced.
What do you think? I don’t think it looks great, actually. I might rip back and go boring after all.
And that’s a bit of a revelation to me: turns out that in socks at least, I’ve developed quite a liking for Boring Knitting. There’s something terribly soothing about just going round and round and round. Probably I had to hone my boredom on the miles of fine-gauge stocking stitch I put into mother-in-law’s 60th birthday present (rather bad pictures below), but even so. It might have something to do with my present state of busyness: mindless works. Mindless helps. Remember the Yarn Harlot’s amazing Bohus a couple of months ago, and how she said she was really looking forward to all that tiny stocking stitch as a respite? It’s like that.
(Dolly’s rather larger than mother-in-law. Also, blocking would have helped. I see that now.)
Anyway. You wanna see some knitters?
So did I. I rocked up to Jubilee Gardens feeling ever so confident. What ho, knitters! I thought. I’ll just turn the corner and there they’ll –
But I walked, scanning the horizon with my super-honed knitterly radar, and waddya know? Wool!
And very nice the knittas were too. Sadly I couldn’t stay too long… I had book shopping to do, and stuff. Mostly stuff. But it was fun. And we weren’t broken up by the police* (more’s the pity). How was your KIP day?
[4 things will continue after the break. No, I’m not done! That’s crazy talk! I got *lots* more waffle right here! ]
* Thanks for the link, Anne! What fun.

3 thoughts on “Hey, wanna see some knitting?

  1. You’re addicted to sock knitting now, you know that don’t you. Your stash is going to start growing with all those single skeins of luscious goodies for socks. You’ll be poring over sock patterns and buying sock books(BTW I recommend Sensational Knitted Socks if you’re thinking of investing in one) I do love how socks are so portable and when you’ve filled your own and Armin’s sock drawer to overflowing you start looking for family and friends who might like a pair. You start joining sock clubs and reading sock kintting forums and ….what am I missing, oh yes designing your own. Lovely cardi for your MIL. Looks like a good day was had by all those taking part in WWKIP.
    (Did your parcel arrive yet?)

  2. Ooh, thanks for the feedback, Jenni. You’ve just made the decision harder. I’m working on my red socks while I dither.

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