The 4s continue: places I have been on holiday

[I have done very little proper “holidaying” in my life. Most of my travel involves visiting family. Luckily I have family in some pretty good places.]
1. Switzerland. The in-laws live near Zurich, and besides visiting them, we’ve travelled around a little bit to see the countryside. I’ve stayed a few days in Zermatt, and been to Davos twice (the family has a holiday flat there). I’ve also spent two days trying not to cry (i.e, learning to ski) in Flums. I do count myself incredibly lucky, yes. I love the landscape, the chocolate, the snow… so glad I get to go so often!
2. Paris, just for a weekend. It was just at the start of the crazy 2003 heat wave. It was absolutely gorgeous, and stupid hot, and thanks to the generosity of a friend (we were seriously broke at the time), I was able to fulfil one of Armin’s lifelong desires: to go to the Crazy Horse. In return, Armin dragged me up the Eiffel Tower. The short-queue, low-budget, strenuous way: i.e., the stairs. About as soon as I got up there, I was begging to be allowed to go down again, to those lovely cool fountains I could see…
(See how I’m melting?)
3. Lesheba Wilderness Lodge, just south of the Limpopo river (which divides SA from Zimbabwe). We visited midweek, and had the whole park to ourselves — well, and the giraffe (with babies), the impala, the rhino… One evening, when I was alas in bed with a killer headache, Armin walked to the lodge next to ours, from where we’d been told there was a great view of the rhino feeding in the evenings. Well, yes. He almost walked straight into one: they were grazing right there, wandering among the rondawels.
4. Lyme Regis. We have tried to make a point of taking short breaks in the UK, so that we can get to know this country we are living in. Lyme Regis was probably our favourite spot so far (with Scotland also a very hot contender). As it happens, we’re joining friends for a long weekend in Dorset soon, so get to head back. Maybe we can find some fossils this time!