Flogging a dead 4s

I’m winding this up now, I promise.
4 things I do every time I’m on the net:
Well, I’m pretty much always on the net, what with broadband and running an online business and all. So there’s really only one thing I do *every* time I’m online: strive, with painfully little success, to prevent myself getting distracted from work by blogs and yarn shops and all the delightful trivialities of cyberspace.
4 things I would not eat for anything in the world:
Mopani worms. I’m sorry. No.
Also, none of the sort of things they bring out as challenges on I’m a Celebrity… or that ilk.
Regular food, I’m not that fussy, though I avoid baked beans, mushy sweetcorn and gem squash like the plague.
4 places I would rather be right now:
In a home of my own (not a rented one).
In Cape Town… lying under a tree in Kirstenbosch, eating konfyt** and camembert with green peppercorns, letting the peace of the mountain soak into me.
On a yacht somewhere exotic, with a well-stocked liquor cabinet.*
Anywhere with a large supply of yarn and nothing to distract me from it.
* This is firmly in the realm of fantasy; I’ve never been sailing and might very well hate it. Who knows? Nice idea, though.
** You only get this in Cape Town — not even elsewhere in SA. I miss it terribly. Not that I ate it so very often, but still. I’ve considered trying to make my own, but slaked lime? I don’t even know what that is, never mind where to get it, and the whole thing seems a bit higher grade to me. I ain’t much of a chef.