I just got my invitation to Ravelry! I’m terribly excited. At last, I too can play with the cool kids.
Admittedly don’t have time to do anything much with it for a while yet*… but still, yay!
* On Thursday, my mother arrives from Cape Town to visit for a few weeks. Next weekend, we go to Beverley to see my aunt (I haven’t seen her or my cousins for 10 years). The following weekend, we join some friends for a weekend in Dorset. (Mother gets to stay and cat-sit. Yay Mother!) The following weekend, Mother goes back home; I have about five minutes to catch up with myself; then the following week, Armin’s father and stepmother are coming for the weekend. As recently mentioned, I actually do have a day job — part-time, at least — so weekends are my productive time. It’s a little twisted, but there it is. I’m looking forward to all of the above, but I’m really looking forward to late July.

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