Cosy comforts

Things I am loving:
This weather! Dark, thundery, big fat raindrops, even hail… I can imagine myself back on the highveld.* I am especially loving it because it’s been so very humid lately — I’m hoping this downpour will clear the atmosphere a bit. Also, the cats are really cuddly and sweet. Awww.
My new book: Knitting Nature. I’ve been pawing G‘s copy and dithering for long enough; now it is mine, all mine! Now that I have the chance to go through it at leisure, I see even more designs that I can really imagine knitting; even better, there’s a few things just begging to be made from stash. Stash that I didn’t have firm plans for. Stash that was simply *born* for gorgeous hexagonal wossnames. How great is that?
Our new products — the shawl pins,** buttons etc that I’ve mentioned here before. They are all uploaded at last for your ogling pleasure. That Zecca stuff… the colours! The playfulness! The humour! Not to mention Perl Grey’s exquisite brooches; I might have snaffled one or two for myself already. They all make me deeply happy.

Things I am slightly less sure about:

Tomorrow’s weather. My dad is coming round for a braai (that’s like a barbecue, but better!). If we get rained out, we’ll just have to toddle off to the nearest Strada, I reckon.
My total lack of self-control. I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but I seem to have had a little accident in a yarn shop yesterday. Apparently I can’t be trusted when I see the words “teal” and “silk” in close proximity. (Um, there’s a reason you won’t see the teal colour there… any more.)
Well. Time I got off the internet and down to work. No matter how much the cats want me to go curl up with them and Norah Gaughan.
* Geographical note: the highveld is Joburg (the northern South African interior); the climate is dramatically different to Cape Town. I’ve lived in and loved both places, but though I’m more of a Capetonian at heart, I absolutely adored the highveld thunderstorms.
** By tomorrow we should have added photos that show how the pins sit on an actual shawl… which was so kindly provided by Debbie, saving me from my chenille wrap hell. Yay!