Yarn crisis!

I’m having a bit of a yarn winding marathon this afternoon. Somehow it seemed like the thing to do while it’s so very biblical out there. (Seriously, 40 days and 40 nights is starting to sound like a decent offer, as long as we can be sure to get the sunshine afterwards.) But it’s come to a grinding halt, because I can’t get my Knitwitches Gossamer Dreams off the winder.
It’s an incredibly fine kid mohair, it made a titchy tiny little cake on the winder… and apparently it’s a titchy tiny REALLY TIGHT little cake, because the sucker is staying put. Imagine me doing some kind of knitty version of anchoring my feet to the bottom and yanking with both hands on the top … no dice.
It’s 800m. I don’t want to have to wind it all off by hand. Come on. How on earth can a tiny little bit of yarn be giving me such a hard time?!
ETA: Nostepinde to the rescue, but not very efficiently. (An HOUR AND A HALF LATER.) The shape came out astonishingly badly, so I now have a sort of dense, oversized purple cocoon. I suppose it might work perfectly well to knit from, but it’s terribly inelegant. I itch to rewind it properly, using a toilet-roll tube inner thingy, but I don’t dare. I worry that it will still apply just as much pressure and be so tight even the cardboard tube is stuck. Hm.

2 thoughts on “Yarn crisis!

  1. Try feeding it slowly though your fingers as you wind to give extra ease. Might work, might not. I’ve done that with Kid Mohair before. You could try putting a base of a liitle bit of sock yarn in the middle before you wind the mohair on, this will expand it and should also be easier to get off. Hope this helps

  2. You could wind onto the tube anyway, and if it doesn’t want to come out, just slip the tube over a paper towel roll holder or similar and knit from there, like working with a lazy kate on a spinning wheel. Not very portable, but it works if you’re just sitting in your house. Or you could wind it into a granny ball. After a few ginormous tangled yarn disasters, I prefer granny balls to working with centerpull balls if I’m using yarn that’s prone to getting tangled. One end, no tangling, easy as pie.

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