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So I’m supposed to be showing you some knitting right? …Eh. Whatever.
*deep sigh*
The denim jacket’s coming along, I’m onto the first sleeve now.
I’m a bit worried that it’s going to come out too big. I picked the biggest size, based on my bust, but the thing is I’m a busty girl; the rest of me isn’t necessarily in proportion. Maybe a little negative ease would have been something to consider. Well, let’s hope all that ribbing does its job and pulls things in nicely. How does denim ribbing behave once it’s been washed? Anybody? I rather think I’m going to have a sack on my hands.
(Shrug? Oh yes, shrug. Deadlines. Yeah. Well, I’ve found possibly the perfect yarn for that, in this week’s Posh sale, so I’ll crack on when that arrives. Hooray for excuses to carry on with my jacket!)
The sock is progressing slowly. I am SO VERY BORED of this now.
So I’ve cast on for another sock. Or more accurately, for a swatch for what will be another sock. (Didn’t exactly get very far. Supper was ready.) I just wanted to check that, when doing a pretty pattern – Spiral boot socks from Interweave – and using scrummy yarn, socks are still fun.
Eh. They might be. I can’t tell yet.
So, right, forget all that now. (It won’t be hard. It wasn’t that interesting.) What do you do when you feel… well… crappy? Assuming (purely for the purposes of argument) that part of the crappy might be described as “fat”, so chocolate is not necessarily the answer? (I know. Sacrilege.) And further assuming that you have a metric shitload of work to do, so – even more heretical – knitting might not really fit into the schedule either?

2 thoughts on “*sigh*

  1. I love the colour of that PY, I fell in love with it but I have no plans for any laceweight so enjoy. I’d just love that in Eva 4ply though, they’d have to fight me off to get any of it.
    Have no actual experience of the Denim but if it’s cotton past experience tells me it may grow (not what you want to hear). Be very careful blocking cotton as it gets really, really heavy when wet.

  2. Jacket: it looks as though it will be lovely, big or small. Is there really any problem with a loose denim jacket, if that is the way it decides to exit your needles – perfect for layering in autumn? Failing that: boilwash it to obtain your 10% or so denim shrinkage?
    Socks: for some reason, all I can picture is A with a mournful face and sitting barefoot, while he patiently awaits the correction of his handknitted socks…
    …aw, how could you not prioritise the finish of his socks?!
    Behind the wedding shrug, naturally!

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