Who knew?*

You know what you find if you happen to be passing through Richmond Park in the cool of the evening?
You find deer. Lots and lots of deer. Just hanging out.
You also find a really spectacular sunset, if you’re lucky. And if you’ve been riding all the way from Isleworth to Wimbledon** and back… well, then you get some pretty tired thighs.
Which earns you a chocolate, at least. So it’s all good.
* Most of London, probably. I get that. But although I knew there were deer… I didn’t know quite how many, and how widely they roam, and how easy it is to get up close. A happy discovery.
** Friend was having a barbecue, and since it was such an unexpectedly lovely day, we figured we’d take a little bike ride. Or, as it turned out, a really big bike ride.

2 thoughts on “Who knew?*

  1. That stag picture is amazing! We see a lot of deer near our apartment (our leasing office is located in a place called “Deer Park Manor,” where the capelet photos were taken) but they tend to run away into the trees when they see you coming.

  2. *LOL* I knew *grin* but then, I’ve been living in SW London since the age of 13 so I guess that I take it for granted – it certainly never occurred to me to mention it! Interestingly, Richmond Park is also colonised by Parakeets – domestic escapees from across London who have met up, bred and claimed the park’s air territory as their own.
    (You know, I thought that you were going to write ‘a friend was having a BBQ, so we hauled the nearest deer onto the back of our bikes and made off, pedalling very fast!)
    There are also deer in Bushy Park, which is a slightly less daunting bike ride from you? Plus it pops you out by Hampton Court (Palace), which is an excellent venue for a bit of history, ‘kul’cha’, a picnic or failing that (if you don’t mind being ‘done’ for being drunk in charge of a bicycle), Thames riverside pubs – lovely place – even has a quilting fabric shop.
    If that thought leaves you cold, turn left out of Bushy Park, keep peddling end up in the hustle and bustle of Kingston. Head to John Lewis and add erroneously to yarn stash!
    You see…? It’s all here – you simply need to know where to look.

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