I like knowing that as many years as I’ve been knitting, as confident as I am in my skills, there’s still a million things to learn. I like having all those challenges ahead of me. And I like meeting them – I like passing those little milestones: learning to handle DPNs. Knitting my first socks.
Then come the, well, the less conventional milestones. The frankly unexpected ones. Two of which I passed this week, much to my own surprise.

First: I finally took a decent yarn picture or two.
This is part of last week’s Posh haul: Helena merino sock yarn, in Pond.
The beginnings of Cara’s shrug in Kid Silk Lace. The colours are… well. See for yourself.
My newfound (and still vv patchy) photo skillz come courtesy of Armin’s birthday present: a snazzy new lens. And learning to play with the aperture. Finally, some sexy depth of focus action! About time too, eh?
The second milestone — well — I bought a pair of shoes. Cute, aren’t they?
So, er, what’s the knitterly milestone, exactly? It’s not as if I made them. Er… look, I bought them expressly to wear with socks. There. I said it.
Which is particularly amusing as I’m still not sure where exactly I stand on the whole socks-and-skirts fashion question. I mean, cute, totally, but not on me. Except, apparently, soon to be on me. If they fit. I don’t even have the socks yet, and I got shoes to show them off. This knitting thing? It messes with your head.

3 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Oh that shrug looks just gorgeous, love the colours. I like the idea of those shoes to show off your socks, I might just have to see if I can get something like that working for me this winter. Go for it girl.

  2. Ohh, that bluey-greeney wool is loooovely. The shoes are really cute, too. I like that colour.
    Aside: it’s good we’re moving to a house where I can have a crafts room, as Tracy is donating her wool stash to me! Eep. Also, I plan to do a monthly sewing/needlework circle. We’ve been doing weekly sewing to finish a SCA project and I said to Jean that it’s so much more fun to sew when you have someone with whom to yack and one gets so much more done. So, once we’re settle in the new place, monthly sewing/needlework stuff! We’ll get so much done! I can make serious inroads on my wool/fabric stash.
    What do you mean, “growing needlework stash is not a good reason to look for a bigger house”?

  3. I love those shoes. Sadly I could never wear them – heels and I don’t get along. Sigh.
    Perfect shoes for shoes with socks. So get on with turning that yarn into socks!

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