Like rain on your wedding day

A case study for Ms Morrisette and others.
Are the following scenarios ironic, or not?
1. You arrive at the airport with time to spare… until you realise that, despite having carefully checked presence of tickets and passport, you are missing an essential travel document. Causing you to miss the flight entirely, incur a £75 idiot tax and slice two days off your holiday.
Answer: No. An event that is both unexpected and undesirable is not necessarily ironic. Infuriating, yes, and depressingly stupid… but not ironic.
2. Having decided to spend your suddenly free day before departure at the movies, having found that the movie schedule leaves you with 90 minutes betwen movie 1 and movie 2, and having brought along the Neverending Wedding Shrug of Doom to occupy those 90 minutes, you discover in minute 1 that it’s time to cast off.
Answer: Yes. This can fairly be called ironic, providing as it does a neat and potentially humorous juxtaposition between what was expected (hours of excruciatingly dull knitting) and what actually transpired (no knitting at all).
I hope this has helped. We’ll be looking forward to a more literate follow-up and clarification on your next album, then.
That would imply we might actually look forward to an Alanis album.

2 thoughts on “Like rain on your wedding day

  1. Oh no! I’m sorry about the travel problems. I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday and there aren’t any other unexepected events.

  2. Flight: Oh no!
    Idiot tax: Oh no!
    90 mins with nothing to do except cast off: Oh no!
    However…now you are there, I hope that the shrug works beautifully.
    Plus, hold onto the one single consolation that I can think of: at least it was finished before you got onto the plane?

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