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Knitty happiness all round.

I still don’t have any pictures.
There, thought I might as well get that out of the way first. All the good pictures (knitting and holiday) are on Armin’s computer, and he’s been pretty busy. (Make that “sick, and then busy”.) Now that he’s mostly better, and almost past his personal scary deadline, I’ll start nagging him to pass them on.
Also to pose, because his socks have finally been finished. There, Gabrielle, you can relax now. He gets warm feet after all. And tonight I’ll order the yarn for his second pair – when the Wollmeise opens her brand new shop. (I must admit I’m going to miss those bouncing balls from her old site, but go Wollmeise!) So he’ll get even warmer tootsies soon enough. Oh, and he likes them. Yay! He also likes very much the test washcloth I made in Cape Town – on which subject, more another day. With pictures.
So that’s part of the happiness – the socks of doom are done, and my beloved approves of his knitting. But more than that, I am basking in a very unaccustomed sense of general knitty productivity. Consider my list of FOs for September (many of which will get pictures and explanations, um, really soon now I promise):
Cara’s wedding shrug
My bridesmaid bolero (which falls rather on the ugh side, but it did the job)
Cara’s tiara
My first washcloth
Socks of doom.
Not bad, eh? And of course Jess was done just before September started. Go me!
I admit it’s not a very impressive list, compared with some. Even compared with my own rate of progress, back when I was a slack-ass student and could churn out a (self-designed) sweater a month. They’re all titchy little things. But compared with last year, when I really felt like I was knitting Nothing At All but very slowly, it’s practically warp speed.
So right now, I get to plan my next projects. This queue bears very little resemblance to my Ravelry queue (but is much more accurate), and if you want more details on any of them, well, you’ll just have to wait now won’t you dear?
Finish my lovely moebius
Get beyond the cast-on with my lovely Pompous socks
Cashmere scarf
Mmmm… Clapotis?
Mystery jacket
Snow White
Armin’s second socks
Armin’s washcloth
Heavens, how long will it take me to make progress with all that! Maybe it’ll help if I channel the gorgeous, inspiring, scenic calm of my Cape Town holiday.
See… that’s why it’s worth waiting for the good pictures.
The good pictures (Armin’s pictures) have whales in them. The bad pictures (mine) only have Armin in the process of taking good pictures.
I don’t think we have any pictures that have knitting and whales, though. I’m sorry.

8 thoughts on “Knitty happiness all round.

  1. Hi there and welcome back. You have been missed. Does this mean i have to get my act together and get you the wasp wig hat pattern. I missed a trick the other week when wasps were playing at Twickenham in the double header. I could have got some fans to model it for me.
    Looking forward to a knitting meet up very soon. Mel

  2. Welcome back! I’m glad your wedding shrug came out well. I think the season for my denim jacket may have passed this year… on to other cozy warm things with sleeves.

  3. All together now…”Welcome back!” 🙂
    Piccies please, some of us need a wool fix.
    I finally got tickets at a good price, so I’ll see you at Ally Pally. Perhaps you would like some French chocolate to fortify you through the show?

  4. Perhaps?! No perhaps about it – it’s a sure thing! You temptress. I’m delighted I’ll have a chance to meet you – I think I will have something to tempt you with in turn…

  5. Oh yes, I’d forgotten that! Whales and rainbows are quite a combination. Sadly I don’t think either of us managed to get both in frame at the same time. *le sigh*

  6. I’ve never managed to photograph a rainbow, so I am very impressed. Choccies it is then, are you decadent like us, and eat them with red wine?
    I am hopeing to get to Ally Pally on Friday, depending on the ‘mainly’ empty suitcase. Stash here I come!
    PS. Please save me some sock stix 2.75mm in ebony. Ta!

  7. Yay! If it’s dark chocolate, red wine is indeed my favoured accompaniment. Otherwise, coffee. Armin likes his chocolate with beer… but he’s just weird.
    Sox stix you shall have, my dear!

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