Ally Pally, and pikchas

You know what happens this week, don’t you?
Ally Pally. The Knitting & Stitching Show. (Well, not the only one, of course; but I’m only exhibiting at this one.) The Big Scary Expo.
What, is that not the right attitude? Is it supposed to be exciting? Weeell… yes, I can see that. But for me, dear knitters, it’s mostly scary. Luckily I know some of you will be there, so that’s something to look forward to. Stand M33 is the place – and as I have been hinting, there will be some rather special knitterly treats unveiled at the show. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but if you are a lace knitter, or a crocheter, you should be particularly excited. So. Come and see me! I’ll need all the encouragement I can get…
Oh, I’m getting nervous just thinking about it. Never mind all that! Let me show you some knitting. (Having finally coaxed the pictures out of Armin’s electronic clutches.)

The wedding shrug, as I’ve said, worked out perfectly.
How’s that for a perfect match?
On a more prosaic note, I meant to model some good clear shots of Jess…
…but I was a little bit distracted by the gorgeous views.
And frankly I was having way too much fun to stand still.
You understand, don’t you?
More holiday snaps (still the not-so-good ones, I’m afraid) over here.

6 thoughts on “Ally Pally, and pikchas

  1. Wow! That rose gold (in the dress and the perfectly-matching shrug) is just GORGEOUS. Beautiful job! And Jess looks so tailored yet comfy.
    Your holiday photos on the beach make me think of my own Mediterranean climate home turf in Northern California–except we’re not lucky enough to have penguins.
    Good luck at the expo. I’m sure it will go well!

  2. Lovely shrug, and the colour really suits her. Are you pleased with it? You should be!
    Jess looks lovely and warm, I haven’t seen the sea in 2 years, you are making me homesick…
    PS. I managed to survive 3 Stitches exhibitions at the NEC, chocolate was the main stress buster 🙂
    Chocolate, coffee, water, wine…the daily saviours of exhibition insanity.

  3. Wah! I had a little windfall last week so was really looking forward to Ally Pally, now my laptop died (and I’m going on holiday next week and unemployed as of lunchtime today) so I will have to be rather restrained in my yarn buying after all. I’ll probably be there on Thursday.
    The shrug and Jess both look incredible!

  4. Thank you all! Yes, I am very pleased with the shrug; I’ll be posting the pattern shortly (as soon as I get past this Big Scary Expo, I hope).
    Chocolate, coffee, water, wine – add jaffa cakes and that’s pretty much my whole catering plan, Judy! Thanks for the corroboration!
    Sarah, what terrible timing – it’s just not right. I look forward to seeing you though, even if you’re forced to stand with hands in pockets muttering “can’t… have… it…” Best of luck with getting your laptop sorted out, I’ll be holding fingers for you.

  5. The shrug is wonderful and I’m sure your friend was over the moon about it. I look forward to the pattern, just wish I could keep up with all the things I’d love to be knitting. I am soooo disappointed not to be going to Ally Pally and getting to meet up with anybody, I’m going to have to get better organised for this, maybe next year.

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