Waerme fuesse…

Kälte Füsse, wärmes Herz, the saying goes: cold feet, warm heart. Possibly, therefore, the curse of the boyfriend sweater should rather be the curse of the boyfriend socks… but let’s hope it doesn’t work in reverse.
They’re all right. They’re not perfect, but they’re all right. I’m pleased with the heel, having figured out how to allow a bit of extra room in there, and with the 3×1 ribbed cuff, which is wonderfully snug. I think the ribbing looks so wonky mostly because of the excessive frogging it had to endure; there was a noticeable improvement at the top end (where I moved on to fresh, unfrogged yarn), which you can’t really see under the jeans.* The cast-on (toe) is also obviously imperfect – next time I’ll be sure to tidy it up much earlier. Anyway, Armin loves them.
The specs:
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. I found it a bit squeaky, think I’ll stick to pure wool in future.
Needles: 2.25mm DPNs. I started on Brittany – having found on my Jaywalkers that I was working tightly and snapping ebony needles at that size; the birch has extra flexbility and resilience – but moved on to Lantern Moon later on, once I realised my tension felt pretty even and safe. Worked well – and the squeakiness was much less apparent on ebony.
Pattern: On Your Toes socks from Interweave, summer 07. I am going to be using this sock recipe a LOT in future.
Apart from the 3×1 ribbing, I made one modification: the heel wasn’t deep enough initially. So I increased 2 stitches 1cm before starting the heel, then again 2 rows before heel shaping; I short-rowed down right over those extra 4 stitches; then decreased back to the original size in the same way as I increased. This worked out brilliantly and like the 3×1 ribbing, is likely to become my standard modus operandi for standard socks.
* Aw, the things my beloved Armin does for the sake of my knitting. For this picture, he had to stand on a table (best combination of light and undistracting surface in the flat) and hoik up his trouser legs. Not exactly dignified. Go Armin!

4 thoughts on “Waerme fuesse…

  1. You see I knew eventually you’d become addicted to sock knitting…I only had to get you to start. My own addiction seems to have moved over into the fingerless mitts (especially since my hands seem to be frozen in work) and lace smoke rings. Of course after Christmas that might have worn a bit thin when I’ve done enough of them to have nightmares about. Oh well we’ve all had our holidays and now it’s back to porridge.

  2. What do you mean secret needles!!! Are they wood, glass or metal?
    What sizes do they come in?
    Love the socks, I can see the wiggle but only because you made me look for it. I wish John would pose for knitting pictures, he is such a wuss.

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