On lost innocence

Ah, you’re all still out there! Hurrah! Thanks for sticking around.
Emily (so glad you’re coming to SnB day! Have you seen there’s an amazing after party?) asks me what I’m planning to do with all that silk. Frankly I’m not sure this is a polite question. It’s a little close to what Armin asked me – oh so innocently – at the time of acquisition:
“Is it a good idea to buy yarn without knowing what you’re going to do with it?”
Yes. Yes it is. It’s, um, artistic raw material. It’s inspiration in physical form. It is probably essential for knitterly creativity.
So anyway, I’m hoping to get maybe two scarves/shawls and one wrap-style cardi out of it. That may be a little ambitious; I don’t mind scaling back. We’ll see. The important thing to remember is that I could not have been expected to hold back, because:
1. It is silk.
2. It was on sale. (Well, some of it was, and Eirwen gave me a fantastic exhibitor’s discount on the rest.)
3. Seriously, did you see those colours?
Case closed.

5 thoughts on “On lost innocence

  1. When I saw Eirwen at Wonderwool Wales I bought >£100 of silk – she dyed some extra for me too – probably going to become the intoxicating top from No Sheep http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/intoxicating – so no way can I look innocent on this!
    But I love knowing what thoughts other knitters have, what imaginings of great things, when they buy those luscious skeins…
    BTW, Tuscany is a wonderful shawl in pure silk – from the same book….

  2. Oooh, nice! Her colours are just irresistible aren’t they?
    I know Tuscany, I’ve also got the book, but somehow I don’t really see what everyone loves about it. It’s pretty of course, it just doesn’t excite me. No, I think I might be designing my own. We’ll see. It’s a little way down the queue, frankly.

  3. I think what i really liked about Tuscany was not so much the lace pattern (though that’s nice enough) but the shape – it’s the only triangular shaped shawl I’ll consider wearing – it is very long (wide?) and not deep at all – so the increase rate is so steep as to be shallow, if that makes sense. I don’t like long pointy bits hanging down my back – at all!
    Bet your own design will beat all, though.

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