Time out

I’m not sure I should admit to having spent a single minute of the past three weeks doing anything but eat, sleep and work (after all, I should have been blogging with those precious minutes!), but in fact, I have.
Two weeks ago I was supposed to be celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday by taking part in a selection of activities that I would never, ever normally bother with. Quad biking. Clay pigeon shooting. Axe throwing.
(Axe throwing?!)
But, owing to a dramatically unfortunate alignment of the planets, malicious actions on the part of the train company and possibly a small degree of personal idiocy, I didn’t make it. Instead, after two hours of travel, Armin and I found ourselves in Brighton. With no plans. In a town we have both visited, and loved, but have never visited together. On a beautiful, clear, crisp and sparkling autumn afternoon. An afternoon that could, and possibly should, have seen us return dutifully home, to work on the many, many worky things we had to do… but an afternoon that was already officially accounted for.
Now, what would you do?
We went on funfair rides.
We ate fish ‘n chips on the pier.
We introduced the sock* to the sea.
We wandered the Lanes, and put an end to a lifetime’s questing for the Perfect Red Lipstick. (It’s Mac’s Russian Red. No no, no need to thank me. I did it for all of us.)
We had afternoon tea.
And then, just when we were ready to turn around and go back up the hill to the station, we trotted down to the beach for one last goodbye to the sea… and discovered the perfect sunset. Over the old pier. With amazing, breathtaking flocks of seagulls.
Come on, you know by now that there’s no way I and my little cameraphone could do anything with that view. But somebody did. And maybe soon he’ll upload them so we can all admire. The Cape Town photos, too. (I don’t know why I think that nagging him on my knitting blog is going to help…)
* Spiral boot socks, from Interweave, in Posh Yarn Emily. Loving them. Just about to turn the heel on the second one.

3 thoughts on “Time out

  1. Mac Russian Red! I agree! It is prefect. Matt, saturated with colour and stays on ages, besides being the perfect colour….. I love mine.

  2. That sock looks lovely, but I’m not sure about it as a boot sock. In my experience, boots tend to be very tight around the calf and any sock thicker than pantyhose makes the tightness unbearable and the zip doesn’t close. Unless these are supposed to shuffle down for hiking boots? Or they would probably work for ankle boots (provided they stay up – sock suspenders?).

  3. Brighton, I haven’t been there in ages, but it is always such fun! I’m glad the two of you found some time for axe-throwing…errr sorry, fish and chips.
    Nice sock photo, very atmospheric and brave, imagine what the mermaids would have done with your DPNs if they had fallen into the sea!
    I have been away for a few days too, it’s nice to have a short break 🙂
    Have fun!

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