The kindness of strangers

If you’re in the London area, you’ll know how wintry it’s turned lately. And to make matters worse, our heating has been gradually failing. It’s now completely not working. (We have a humorously named “power shower”, so we do at least get warm water dribbling over us and can keep clean, but actual heat? Not so much.) Which all contributed to making me feel a little bit more sorry for myself than usual this week.
Until I got a little package of comfort in the post.
I’ve never taken part in a swap before (various reasons, and I still don’t expect to do this regularly, but oh my, it was rather fun). What a wonderful first swap package! I was trading with Ravelry’s happycat, in a “hands across the sea” trade instigated on the Completely Pointless and Arbitrary group. (A very, very fine waste of time that group is – in a good way.) I had said something rather rude about American “chocolate” (having once had a rather traumatic experience with Hershey’s kisses), and she decided to prove to me that they could do better.
Oh my.
See Jemima there? Even the cat couldn’t resist. I got a big box of Joe-Joe’s – apparently an annual special thingy; very yummy minty chocolate cookies – plus a small box of incredibly pretty Marble Hill chocolates (I still haven’t tasted them, I’m just looking at them happily) – plus… the fudge. Oh. My. The fudge.
I’m really very fond of fudge. And I’m really quite indecently fond of this fudge. And now that I’ve read up a bit about it, having looked for linky goodness to show you how great it is…
Well. They make ice cream. And they’re how many miles away from me? Oh woe, woe!
Never mind. The fudgey goodness that I do have is entirely awe inspiring enough. (I’m going to have to keep a very beady eye on Armin. I made the mistake of giving him a taste.) And besides the lovely chocolatey treats, there was of course knitty goodness to warm me even further!
Some lovely handpainted sock yarn called Jubilee by Misty Mountain. This colourway is Navajo Sunset – bringing some much needed desert warmth into my cold, cold home. Plus there’s a lovely little test skein of Claudia’s handpainted (ooh!), plus these incredibly dinky little stitch markers:
How cute is that giraffe! Thank you, Robin! Very well done indeed.

2 thoughts on “The kindness of strangers

  1. Oh wow what a fab little package. Right if weather is cold and shower is crap that can only mean one thing – time to warm up in the Amida Spa.
    I do know what you mean about the Hershie kisses – my sister brought some back for the children last year and we ended up giving them away to trick or treaters this year and chocolate never normally lasts in this house – ever!

  2. Just wandered across your blog from Ravelry and I saw your swap package with Graeter’s…yum! I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio where there is Graeter’s aplenty and it’s so neat to run across a convert from across the pond!
    The ice cream is as good as people say it is…especially the Mocha chocolate chip! 🙂

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