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A wandering eye

Remember I said once that I’m a monogamous knitter? And then I discovered the joys of promiscuity? I’m starting to wonder if I should maybe rein it back a bit. I mean, yes to socks on the train, yes to the Big Jersey Project by the couch, but after that it gets a bit… messy. There’s the scarf in the kitchen (you know, for while the pasta’s boiling), and the spare socks that decorate my already messy desk but are really just a back-up commuter project, and that’s fine and all, but now I’m starting to have lustful thoughts about Other Knitting. Is that wrong?
These are what I cast on to follow my lovely Pompous spiral socks.
Cinders Secret Stockings. The yarn is gorgeous, you know how pretty the pattern is, and on top of all that I have extra motivation to work on these because when I’m done, I’ll be able to add my mods (for size large) to the pattern. Which would be great. There’s nothing not to like. Only…
This may look like just a ball of yarn to you, but to me, it’s a pair of much needed handwarmers. In a fantastically springtime colour, to remind me that the sun will return. This, my friends, is what a queue jump looks like.
And this little upstart is a Cheshire Cat Stole.
Can’t you just see it? There is no reason to cast this on now. None at all. Other than that it’ll be so gorgeous, and the fiery colours are just what I need in the middle of winter, and I’ve been dying to do some lace for the longest time… but other than that, no reason.
So far I’m managing to keep this under control by simply not winding it. Can’t knit it from the skein, can I? (Well… I could, and I have been known to do so… but with cats? No.) Wish me strength.

3 thoughts on “A wandering eye

  1. Ah, do it! Enjoy. Knitting is for fun, I have loads on the go, but eventually come back to it all, and all the better for the refeshment of the alternatives.
    Takes longer to get a finished projetc though!
    (Loving that fiery stole yarn, BTW).

  2. “Winding”? What is “winding”? I just knit from the ball. I have an old granny-style knitting basket that keeps my knitting safe from kitties. Although, if they’re lying on my lap and I’m knitting away, the temptation is obviously too much to resist. Suddenly the yarn comes to a stop and I look down to see it firmly clamped in kitty’s jaws. Sigh. Also, everything I knit tends to get cat hair knitted into it.

  3. I hear you on the cat hair, Jo. As for winding: my dear, you have not succumbed to the lure of the hand-dyes. Not long ago this “winding” lark was alien to me too. But it’s been quite a while since I bought yarn sold in actual balls. If they’re sold in hanks (such as the fiery stole stuff, above – it’s Posh Yarn btw Emily, baby Lucia!), you have to wind it yourself into a ball before knitting.
    Which brings me neatly to an incidental rant about commercial yarn sold in hanks. I get why hand-dyes are sold this way, but for the love of fibre, Rowan, why Summer Tweed?! Why must you irritate us this way?
    There was a time when I tried knitting straight from the hank, without winding. I was using multiple colours too. Madness. Utter madness. And obviously, not a hope in hell of doing that now that I have kitties.

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