Coming up for air

Apparently Christmas is just one week away. Can you believe it? One week! Where did the year go, and other traditional greetings of the season. The thing that made me realise how very soon it is (and hence, how I really must get myself to the shops stat, before all the food is gone) was seeing the flood of orders abate. That can only mean one thing: it’s practically upon us!
How are you celebrating? I’m quite looking forward to this year. It will be the first time Armin and I are alone for Christmas, and I’m really very keen on having a lovely quiet cosy day together. There will be big festive group dinners for us, just not on the day itself. Perfect! I’m thinking there’ll be gluhwein, and duvet time, and knitting, and hopefully some marathon DVD watching. (Is it possible to watch all three Lord of the Rings DVDs* in one sitting? Stay tuned!) And of course mountains of food. I may actually bake. And most importantly – no computers will be switched on all day. I wonder if we can manage that?
I think I’ll need to make sure I have a proper break – even if it’s just for one day – because there is so very much to prepare for in 2008. The postie keeps bringing me exciting things like these…
No, I’m not changing my “enough yarn” policy so soon. (Though I hear there’s going to be a Posh Yarn sale after Christmas. Don’t expect my resolve to withstand such temptation!) These are lovely little samples. Oh, 2008 is going to be so much fun…
* Not the extras, of course. That’d require a whole extra week.

6 thoughts on “Coming up for air

  1. You’re alive! Those yarns look gorgeous–can’t wait to see what you have in store. Or in the store, as the case may be. Your cozy Christmas plans sound so nice and relaxing. Good luck keeping those computers switched off!

  2. We watched all the extended editions in one day, starting at about 9am and ending shortly before midnight (with breaks for food, of course). We were like zombies at the end of it. Now, I have all the Star Trek movies (well, 1-10 at least) so I’m contemplating some sort of Trek marathon. Mwahahah.

  3. Oooow yummy! 🙂
    It is possible to watch all 3 LOTR movies in one day. A take out dinner and some wine being essential, except on the day after Christmas when turkey sanwiches and other nibbles are all one can face!
    Have a great time and a nice rest 🙂

  4. Ed is a pro at marathon LOTR. He practically has the lot memorized. Sunday afternoons this past autumn LOTR has been his faithful entertainment. Enjoy! 🙂

  5. Sounds like a fab way to spend the day. We are having a busier than usual christmas this year by allowing one set of outlaws to cross the threshold on the day. To be fair she has bought me one of your lovely lantern moon crochet needle cases so shes allowed this year. Have a great day. Looking forward to the sale – just in time for my birthday!

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