sometimes I knit


One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to take Sundays off. Which, honestly, is more of a challenge than it sounds. Working from home tends to fuzz the boundaries a bit; I figured I could use some designated me time (knitting! woo!), and with that to look forward to, maybe it would be easier to knuckle down when appropriate too.
I’m pleased to report that on this, the first Sunday of the year, I have in fact done no work whatsoever. Go me! (Although to achieve this, I had to work till 2am last night, breaking another resolution. Whatev. I’ll take it.)
Instead of working, I have of course been knitting (some of it while watching Bugsy Malone), but I also decided to play with the camera a little to see what would happen.
Apparently I can occasionally take a pretty picture. Who knew?
(That’s Camelspin, by the way. Five days to go…)
Harvey wasn’t all that impressed with my newfound skillz. But maybe he’s just feeling a little overexposed.
(Modelling Armin’s Wollmeise socks. Making progress on those too.)

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