The power of guilt

Cara read my blog this week, and was suddenly motivated to send me pictures of her wedding gifts. Yay Cara! Thank you!
Behold the Princess Cara tiara:
In action:
(Cara is seen here paying close attention to… a salad.
It occurs to me that I might have a thing or two to learn about throwing a wild and crazy hen party.)
And behold! Gecko doing its work: enacting cosiness!
Cara also sent me another pic of herself wrapped up in Gecko (with strict instructions not to publish it), which appears to have been taken on her honeymoon. Now that’s what we like to see: knitted gifts being loved. Double yay Cara! Yay Gecko! (Remember when I said I wasn’t sure it was successful? Yeah, I’m over that.)

One thought on “The power of guilt

  1. The power of *wishes*.
    Wishes, not guilt: “Cara’s tiara … I so wish I’d remembered to take a pic”
    And yes, the wraparound was on honeymoon – all very much loved knitted gifts!

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