Ah Sunday, my day of rest…

Or, well, not, since I took yesterday off instead, to join assorted Ravellers on a jaunt to Get Knitted. It’s a good thing I’ve just got in all those lovely piles of Handmaiden etc in my own stockroom, or I would surely have come away with far too much gorgeousness.
That? Why, that’s nothing. No, really. It doesn’t count. That’s not stash, that’s just necessaries. It’s all from The List. (You know. That mental list of things you want to make pretty soon and need specific yarns for? That’s not stash, right? That’s just… ingredients.) It’s a pullover, a washcloth and a headband. All totally legit.
Although it does add rather to my Ravelry stash guilt list. As do these.
Last week’s Posh haul. Apparently I am helpless in the face of smoky/bronzey/purpley/reddy lusciousness. Helpless.
Anyway. Good day, yesterday. You would have enjoyed it. Especially the road trip with lovely volunteer driver Gabrielle, Mel and Emms. (Cheesy 80s pop may or may not have been involved… we’ll never tell.) And lunch with new friends Shannon and Jacqui. (It was particularly good to meet Jacqui, one of my favourite customers. I feel so privileged to be in the knitting business; you’d think that an online shop doesn’t give you much opportunity to get to know your customers, but with friendly people like Jacqui, that’s not entirely true.)
Good times, ladies, thank you. Good times.
Now, back to work.

One thought on “Ah Sunday, my day of rest…

  1. The yarn is all looking most lovely – Mum was v pleased with her lovely cashmere, now I have to think of something that’ll be worthy of it for her to knit! thanks.
    The GK trip sounds fun – I haven’t yet been to a knitting shop at all (but we went to a bike shop yesterday in central Sydney, so I think it’s my turn today, no?) Just need some knitting friends now…

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