Today is a good day not to die

Wish me luck, chaps. I’m about to head off into the snowy wastes of, um, Switzerland (so that’s snowy wastes with lots of chalets serving fondue and rumpunsch, then) and engage in death-defying antics like standing at the top of a very, very gentle slope and whimpering.
I’ve only been skiing once before, and that was just for two days. I thoroughly enjoyed it – obviously, or I wouldn’t be going back; then again if I didn’t enjoy it I think my Swiss-bred husband might desert me – but found the whole idea of strapping enormously unwieldy planks to your feet, standing in a thoroughly unnatural posture and trying to head downhill while at all costs avoiding actually pointing your feet downhill… well, unnatural. And terrifying. It’s a good thing I wore sunglasses, because otherwise a lot of the photos would show me trying not to cry. Actually they still show me trying not to cry, they just don’t show it very clearly. Yay sunglasses.
Anyway, so here we go again. I’m looking forward to it, honestly…
Eszter returns for a second tour of duty as the needle elf, so your shopping needs will be taken care of. I’ll be back on Monday 28th. Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “Today is a good day not to die

  1. Have a great time, you’ll enjoy it and the apres ski is of course fun too. All that food and drink and the Swiss Chocolate. You get back 28th and I’m off to South of Spain for a week on 27th so I’ll catch up on 4th Feb. Perhaps by then I’ll have managed to start on one of the Hand Maiden projects……

  2. Good luck! I’ve never been downhill skiing before, and some friends suggested the other day that we drive up to Michigan to go skiing. Jumping off the ski lift sounds terrifying. Whizzing down the slope sounds terrifying. I am very afraid of breaking my legs or crashing into trees, but I tried to show some degree of enthusiasm, because, in theory, it would be fun.

  3. *grin* Oh you will love it! Have a wonderful time and see you when you get back. Remember: if you reward yourself with a decent glass of the Swiss equivilent of ‘vin chaud’ each time you make it to the bottom, you’ll pluck up some dutch courage in no time…!

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