Keep on moving…

If you get the newsletter, you will know we’re going to be moving at the end of the month. Yay! This is very exciting, because it’s not just a new home for Purlescence, it’s a new home for me too. And I think it’ll be rather a lovely one. Also, I have moved home A Lot in my life, and have developed a certain tendency to restlessness after the first year in any one place. We’ve spent close to three years in this flat, which is the longest I have ever gone between moves. Don’t get me wrong, I am increasingly intrigued by the exotic notion of “settling down”, but it doesn’t come naturally. I like moving.
But of course moving is also, well, rather a lot of work. And this will be the first time I have to move a business as well as my home. It’s all rather intimidating. So, as much as I hate to neglect you so badly, I’m afraid the blog will continue to be pretty quiet over the next few weeks. I promise it’ll be worth it in the end. (More yarn! Really, what could be wrong with that?) I’m just going to be a little bit frazzled until then.
I leave you with a question. Recently, people keep asking to see my knitting (a lace scarf), and when I spread it out for them, they say in tones of great surprise: “Oh! It’s pretty!” Or, “That’s actually quite nice!” Now:
(a) Do you also get this reaction from muggles?
(b) How do you feel about it?
On the face of it, it’s a little bit insulting, and I’m always taken aback at how they don’t realise that. (What, you thought I’d be making something ugly?) But actually I quite like it. It’s so brilliantly honest and unfiltered: they apparently have a prejudice against knitting, yet they discover that it’s not what they think. Still, though… is odd.

5 thoughts on “Keep on moving…

  1. Definitely odd. Yes, I do get that reaction often.
    Glad you and Armin found somewhere worth moving to – lots of exciting change this year for you, n’est-ce pas?

  2. Hmm, I get the opposite reaction. Non-knitters go “oh, that’s nice” in a very non-interested way. Knitters go “oh, wow, look at the cabling” or “nice tension” or something. It’s such a different culture here, where obviously only old grannies knit. A person under 50 knitting is a novelty and they politely ask what I’m knitting, who it’s for, but aren’t really interested beyond politeness. Sigh.

  3. Jo, I think that’s why I find this reaction quite flattering – they’re not expecting to be interested, they think it’s very weird that I’m knitting at all, but then they find they actually do like it. Quelle surprise! It’s not a different culture – we have just the same reactions over here as you do in SA. It may be different in the US, where crafting is much more popular generally, but I rather think muggles are muggles everywhere.

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