My life in pictures

Some things to do… (observe the in-trays!)
Some packing…
Some knitting almost finished…
Some knitting just waiting for me to darn the ends in…
And some recently completed knitting, already well on its way to being loved to death.
Bizy. Backsun.

4 thoughts on “My life in pictures

  1. Good luck with the move, it doesn’t half interrupt good knitting time though. Worth it in the end.
    Your feather and fan wrap being closely inspected looks good. I’m going great with the Morning Glory wrap in Great Big Sea. No photos yet, I’ve never bothered much with WIP photos before but I think I’ll have to.
    Hope the cats take to their new home too

  2. Ah, packing boxes. I am just now getting down to clearing out the last three from our move…which happened in 2004. I admire you doing the sensible thing, and selling some of your stuff, instead of being an idiot like me, and just throwing it all in boxes.
    Good luck with the move!

  3. Thanks chaps! We’ve just moved the first boxes in to the new place. (Most of the move will be happening this Friday, though.) Very exciting. I now have a pretty clear picture of exactly what we’re going to do with the space, and I love it. Can’t wait to get settled in!

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