Back at last!

Finally, we re-open. The promised new products aren’t up yet but will be in a couple of days. (It wasn’t just the internet gremlins that were at work, delivery gremlins kept things held up too. Grrr!)
The new space is utterly lovely. Still a mess, but lovely. I can’t wait to open my doors for a knitting party – what fun we’ll have!
Of course, I’ve spent the past few, internet-less weeks constantly thinking of things to blog, and then forgetting them. (Notes are for wussies. Really organised, efficient, reliably blogging wussies. The present definition of “wuss” is clearly “someone who isn’t me”.) I have also spent the time working really hard on lots of things – including an insane amount of household stuff; furniture shopping, unpacking etc – and it amazes me that I am still not up to date, but there it is, I’m not. (I am really enjoying doing it all though. Isn’t that funny. Ordinary little chores like filing are suddenly quite charming, just because I’m doing them in this delicious new home.) So I am not going to walk around taking and uploading photos now, to show you everything, because there is still STUFF TO DO. But I do have some great stuff to show you. And thanks to the magic of the Hypercyberinterwebnet (never, never take it for granted, knitters!)… show you I will.
Just not today.
Love you, though! Mwah, mwah!

2 thoughts on “Back at last!

  1. Congratulations on the move! Why is it that the most mundane household chores seem to be such fun in the new home? Look forward to the photos of the new house FO…

  2. Don’t you wish that brand-new settling in feeling always wafted through a home, when cleaning and organizing is pure pleasure?

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